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Quality Control
QC Plan
A report which contains the quality control plan of the project will be prepared and published at the early stages of the project lifetime. This report will be used throughout the implementation of the project activities in order to ensure the achievement of the project objectives. The quality plan will include reporting and communication system which will be used by all staff members involved in the project in order to ensure the successful implementation of individual activities.
QC Information System
An information system for quality control of the new study program based on the EU standards for QC will be developed and installed. The system will be used by academic staff members to measure the quality of the teaching/learning process. The system will be developed by DCU and will be hosted and maintained at YU through its information system. This system could be customized open sources software.
QC Unit
A quality control unit will be established and legalized at HFET. This unit will be responsible of facilitating the implementation of QC measures to the new study programs by designing and implementing student evaluation and collecting data about the quality of graduates and their employability after graduation. The unit will also be responsible of creating a data base for the QC processes and QC data at HFET through the information system which will be developed in WP 6 (deliverable 15).
Meeting of the dean of the Hijjawi Faculty with the rector of UPV
QC Unit Workgroup
QC meeting at UPV