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Biaanual Progress Reports
Biannual progress reports will be prepared and published by the management committee of the project which states the progress made in the project activities and the achievement of project objectives. These reports will be disseminated among project partners and also submitted to YU administration.
 Progress Reports:
  1. First Progress Report 1/6/2011: REP-WP6-16-ProgressReports-1-Summary.pdfREP-WP6-16-ProgressReports-1-Summary.pdf
  2. Second Progress Report 31/12/2012: REP-WP6-16-ProgressReports-2-Summary.pdfREP-WP6-16-ProgressReports-2-Summary.pdf
  3. Intermediate Report 15/4/2012: REP-WP6-16-ANNEX IV Intermediate Report-ForPublication.pdfREP-WP6-16-ANNEX IV Intermediate Report-ForPublication.pdf
  4. Third Progress Report 31/8/2012:REP-WP6-16-ProgressReports-3-Summary.pdfREP-WP6-16-ProgressReports-3-Summary.pdf
  5. Fourth Progress Report 1/2/2013