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Awareness of EU Educational System
Deliverable No. 5: Visits of Jordanian Staff to EU
Visits of YU, GJU and HU faculty members who will be involved in the curriculum development process to EU institutions with similar graduate programs and transfer of experience with regard to course materials, teaching methodologies and quality control. This will include attending classes, meetings with instructors and short training course on quality control of graduate studies.
Deliverable No. 6: Seminars by EU Professionals
Seminars about the EU educational system and transfer of the EU experience with regard to courses and teaching methodologies will be performed by EU higher education professionals from EU partner countries at YU to promote the EU higher educational system which will help in implementing the Bolognia views in the curriculum development process. Two professors from EU partners will travel to Jordan to give these seminars at Jordanian academic institutions including YU.
1. Mobility Reports:
  • Visit of YU Staff to DCU


  • Visit of YU Staff to QMUL


  • Visit of YU Staff to UPV



2. Seminar Reports: